Tempeh fungus 25g (12.5 kg amount)-Akita Konno specialEstablished spawn makers"Akita Konno Shoten"some domestic tempeh fungus is. A bag of about 12. 5kg min of Tempe is one of them. Tempeh...

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Tempeh fungus 25g (12.5 kg amount)-Akita Konno special

Established spawn makers"Akita Konno Shoten"some domestic tempeh fungus is. A bag of about 12. 5kg min of Tempe is one of them.Tempeh is a soy protein available in Indonesia health food. Southeast Asia particularly in Indonesia regularly eat that tempeh is a healthy food as Japanese food industry has become a hot topic. In Indonesia, boiled soy beans in banana leaf wrap 27 ~ 30℃in the natural fermented food, but in Japan is bacteriological in pure culture was carefully selected strains inoculated,industrially clean of tempeh production and so on. Starter to spawn at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries National Food Research Institute and the key note of the close cooperation with the safety from the plane of the recommended strains by aseptically culturing supplied stable results up to here.

Soy of tempeh as a health food the value of

◇Tempeh fermentation through the soy in the vitamin B group increases. ◇Lecithin and high-grade unsaturated fatty acids(linoleic acid,linolenic acid) rich the circulatory system to the accumulation of cholesterol and other fatty acids such as emulsification and dispersion are removed. ◇Animal meat compared to low calories. (201Kcal/100g)

Tempe lifestyle-related diseases prevention of work

"Tempe"in Indonesia over five hundred years ago eaten a traditional soybean fermented food. Soybeans boiled, from the hibiscus, such as surface of the leaves on some tempeh fungus(Rhizopus)in the fermented make. The surface is white and the mycelium covered. The texture is similar as a"soybean of the Camembert cheese"also known as. Cheese and natto and so on,and it doesn't have strong, sweetish, and because of this, Japanese food, Western food,Chinese food, various dishes have to be closed. Functionality is high, and the cholesterol in the blood and lower blood pressure, myocardial infarction(that)and the Prevention of hardening of the arteries,antioxidant, osteoporosis and symptoms of menopause alleviation of such effects is known. Lifestyle diseases are rampant in the United States two decades ago from a meat substitute food as consumed has spread.

Tempe manufacturing methods

Material formulation example:soybean 250g, tempeh fungus 1G 1. 1 liter of water and vinegar, 50cc add more, stirring it to put soy overnight and you. (Vinegar, put of bacteria that to minimize it.) 2. The next day, water change, beans well if only the skin is carefully clear. The skin remains on the culture, the bacteria and can well see. It is no matter if soybean splits. 3. A pot for 30 minutes to 1 hour,soy beans until tender and cook. 4. Boiled soy beans in a container at 35 degrees to 40 degrees to cool. 5. Tempeh fungus dusted mix well. 6. Toothpick or hole punch, etc., 2 to 3 cm intervals made a hole in the plastic bag to the boiled soybean to it. 7. Water is back in the water not to touch the leash, such as in raising it,vinyl put the bag at room temperature 28 ~ 30℃, this place,20 hours of culture. 8. Just as the mycelium extends all the white covering the surface also. 9. Finished! Tempeh originated in Indonesia AFI manufactured by the best quality of the tempeh fungus. (To our US crude charge 100%) even for beginners you will not fail,but also room qualityTempeh fungusIt is also recommended.
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